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I found your site (quite interesting, by the way) when a gopher was "helping" me try to solve a mystery proposed by a friend. The story involves a character named Dagney Taggert (sic?) and I am trying to find out who/what Dagney Taggert is/was. (Sounds like an Ayn Rand character to me.) I noted that all good things involve your cats, one of whom is named Dagney. Would you ask the origin of her name?

Dear Muse,
Very good connection! I wonderthat there are so few Dagney's inthe world. It is a very pretty name. My first two cats were Dagney and Ragnar, two of the honoured names in, I believe it was, Atlas Shrugged. And, yes, Dagney Taggart is an Ayn Rand character.

So how did these names emerge? 10 years ago, my roommate and Peter's was a guy named Mike Wevrick. He, being a full blown student of objectivism, advocated the our two new kittens be called Dagney and Ragnar, while Peter was in favour of his favourite X-Men, Storm and Pheonix. Somehow, I prefered Mike's names. I think I was enamoured of Dagney Taggart myself at the time, as a powerful and sexual female figure. 2 to 1 won the day. And although Ragnar was hit a year later, Dagney is now over ten. She is indeed a smart and powerful princess, if also a cat.

Thanks for asking!



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