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From eamon Wed Aug 9 09:22:50 1995 Subject: and here's /another/ frickin' thing that bothers me... To: (spinnwebe) Date: Wed, 9 Aug 1995 09:22:50 -0500 (CDT)
carolyn's diary yesterday ended with: A twist - yesterday I felt like a piece of cardboard. With some real rest and having shared moments of intimacy with Peter, whom I do love, I feel again refreshed - that a long first day of the bureaucratic work-week bath. Mmmm. Time to do some other stuff. argh. was this not the same strong, independent woman who said: It's time reality was faced. I will have to get over Peter in the normal way people get over each other -- by calling this a break-up, and divying things up accordingly. I can't take the hypocrisy in me in being supportive of a person who I can't even live with. does she not go back and read what she wrote less 8 days earlier? and am I so pathetic as to exhibit signs of living vicariously through complete and utter strangers' lives? . .
From eamon Wed Aug 23 16:29:28 1995 Subject: i'm not buying this. To: (spinnwebe) Date: Wed, 23 Aug 1995 16:29:28 -0500 (CDT)
not for a freakin' penny. := Has society been constructed from the enforcing of := various "We care about each other" norms on each := other? I'll grant that I seem not to have picked := this up in any automatic way. from carolyn, of course. she's talking about death and how nice it is that richard has severed most of his family ties so that he doesn't need to mourn like most. this whole entry cries, "liar!" . .
From eamon Mon Oct 16 09:13:30 1995 Subject: why do I read this stuff? To: (spinnwebe) Date: Mon, 16 Oct 1995 09:13:30 -0500 (CDT)
carolyn's diary, again. : Sat Oct 14 1995 : : I am miserable right now. A friend of mind : basically told me I am a waste of time. I don't : think I took it too well. He's probably right. I : don't like him very much, but we are really close, : and old friends, and we still do a lot together. "I don't like him very much, but we are really close..." come again? how the hell does /that/ work? good morning. . .
From eamon Mon Oct 16 09:20:19 1995 Subject: also... To: (spinnwebe) Date: Mon, 16 Oct 1995 09:20:19 -0500 (CDT)
/this/ was interesting: : I have driven around enough today for all the : other jackasses in my life. I have been stood up : by X, fucked around by Y, had my car broken by Z : for do-gooding bullshit, and my total emotional : life destroyed by Q. : : FUCK REPRESSION and FUCK SECRECY: : : <P> : <!-- : X = Tracey<br> : Y = Aaron<br> : Z = Hella<br> : Q = Richard<br> : other people = Steve and Sabina<br> : --> hmm. when man is held accountable for his private actions in public, exactly where does his personal life begin and end? do we need personal lives? is there such a thing? was there ever? . .
From eamon Mon Oct 16 10:12:27 1995 Subject: Re: also... To: spinnwebe@thoughtport.ThoughtPort.COM (SpinnWebe) Date: Mon, 16 Oct 1995 10:12:27 -0500 (CDT)
: Nasty. Starting to use her diary as a weapon, eh? Did she use : &gt;s for those, or were you observant enough to check? observant enough, I suppose. I now have a keen eye for detail thanks to the many hours i've spent poring over certain dots and dashes. : >do we need personal lives? is there such a thing? : >was there ever? : : Yes, yes, and yes. Until the wearable wireless webcam guy gets his : dream and everyone walks around with a camera on his/her head, there : will be private lives. Proof: I can't check what every person in : Wyoming is doing right now. beg to differ: you could find out what the vast majority of people in wyoming were doing at 8:00 on october 16th. you could find people who knew people there, check with the government offices and find out what their hours are and who showed up. you could /go/ to wyoming and find out. it's the scale of your proff that makes it believable, but if you could theoretically do it for a handful of people (which isn't a stretch of resources) you could do it for an entire state. how private is your life? how many people do you know and know you? how many people have seen you walk by and recognize you when you stop by for groceries on saturday? how many people have seen the atm receipt you left on the counter because you could find the trash can? the immediacy (!) of our lives trick us into believing that no one notices us unless we notice them. it keeps us from being crushed under a massive, paralyzing paranoia. but I remember that psychic woman I once told you about. I have seen the previous owner of my apartment wandering around boston. I almost waved to the cop that gave me a ticket last month. not so private after all. . .

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