What constitutes a friend?

My opinion:

So many people have strong opinions. Me, I simply like to enjoy a person's company. There have to be enough bridges between us that we can cross over to visit each other's world views on to sustain a few hours of intense and relaxing interaction. There should be lots of other parts of a friend's life that I don't know much about so that I maintain the illusion that they are really interesting. I can't do this about myself obviously. And there should be stuff we can do together that we both get something further out of, entertainment, relaxation, accomplishment.

None of that friends are there for each other stuff. As long as I know who they are, and what they are likely to do, I can rely on them as I can on myself. I can at least trust1 a friend to be who they have shown me they are. I guess I love those who I can trust2.


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