Chapter Four

Slipping into shoes, leathers, and gear, I was gone before any awoke. Best to move on without connecting for now. I would be back sometime in the future with more hope.

Little things drew out the curiousity in all folk. It would be the greater views that sent them scurrying away. Or so I thought as I tried to confront the vista with more of a smile in my heart.

Great smokey remains of memory drifted over my vision. He stood looking at me, from down a long corridor. His mouth creased upwards, a rare indication that things were good. I tried to respond. Smoke cleared again showing me the path ahead, up into the mountains. My journey.

The self-imposed solitude was beginning to react appropriately with my ambition. I could hear the birds singing without assuming my own self as the center of all things. A foolish old perversion of mine best left for children and gods to play at. If the world was to improve, I would have to become its servant. What would my question be? I didn't know then.

NIGIRO _ s e a r c h i n g

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