Publishing Copout

9 Sep 95

Since one of the two persons involved has used a false name in more than one circumstance, and since neither understands that the publishing of a piece(s) in a publication while retaining the copyright personally does not autmoatically grant to the original author(s) the right to retract from that publication the piece(s) involved, I have taken the liberty here as the publisher to nevertheless remove from circulation after being so reuqested by one of the two all relevant pieces for fear of vindictive persecution.

The above mentioned pieces of both authors condoning this practice of vindicative persecution are nevertheless part of this publication, and shall remain so in spite of their current status of lacking public access through this publication.

Interestingly, and to be vindictive in return, I choose also to mention the circumstances that this request followed on. There are two that I know of as possibly relevant. The first is that as I receive many requests to join various creative or literary adventures on the Internet thanks to the electronic promiscuity of Carolyn's Diary, and as I act in good faith for the various other persons who place their work here to be read by others, I tend to pass these offers on to the various other authors here for their use too.

The exception has been with one of the above two persons, this being simply as I have stated elsewhere, I have a strong desire to remain neutral with respect to that person's doings in the world. I thought that this would be an important thing to do after having granted on one occasion anything that that person required of me. Upon being reuqested to never again use that person's name I refrained from doing so - to what I consider to have been rather ridiculous lengths. Because of this desire to be neither vindictive nor assistative, referals from potential publishers or other contacts had not ever been relayed to this person. And I intend to continue to fail to benefit and fail to hurt this person. Of any previous things that I have done before that decision was made, I intended to leave things as was.

Still in the demesnes of describing the first circumstance leading to this page's replacing of previously published here works, a few weeks ago I received a personal request from a new ezine, Webzine Weekly to write for them. Although I don't personally have the time to do so, I dutifully forwarded this request on to other persons, including one of the above persons, and only to one of them. However it came later to my attention that this referral had been made use of by both persons. At this point I had benefited the other without desiring to. I asked that this benefit not be used, and then suggested that instead an agent fee might cancel the debt. I was warned by the one personthat the other would not in fact appreciate the paying of an agent fee. This was later reported to have been the case. Since these two regard themsleves as a writing team, the one told me that the fee would be paid without the consent or I suspect knowledge of the other who is the one who refused.

I find that the situation seems to be made up of cowards, assholes, and cheats. This then was the first circumstance that might have led to the present ridiculous presence of this page instead of some poems.

The second circumstance was my mentioning of my opinion in my diary a couple of days ago about the effects that the two of them have on each other. In many respects these were vicious and mean opinions -- and yes I do hold them.

As both of these events happened within earshot of the new request today to remove the pieces of one of these two persons from Carolyn's Diary or to change the false name used in to that person's less false name ( I suspect that I was not given the actual and real legal name of this person, even now -- if any of this shit is even a little true in the first place which I also highly doubt ), I am as mentioned above removing all relevant pieces.

I apologize for the inconvenience if you have bothered to read this far. Although written out of anger, the positions stated are backed by me.

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