University ofthe Milky Way

Prof. Richard Reiner, Thu, 8 Dec 1994

Course Offerings

Course Offerings -- Winter 1995 -- Free University of the Milky Way

Notes: full syllabi for the course offerings described in this listing will immediately be generated if there is interest from the student. Course designs are open to negotiation with the prospective student. Additional courses may be added by student request.

With the permission of the instructor, I'd like to register for the following courses:

Although I cannot add them to my course load at present, I hope the following additional courses will also be offered in future terms:

A reminder: registration for the 'u' series of courses at the Free University of the Milky Way remains (permanently) open, and additional course offerings may be added upon request. (The Free University of the Milky Way: over 200 delicious flavours, and 100% fat-free!)

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